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The warm, humid temperatures of south Texas provide the perfect environment for pests!

To deal with the most common in-home pests, a thorough, concentrated initial treatment followed up by regular maintenance is key.

Because every home and pest situation is different, we offer monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual services.

For most homeowners, we recommend the quarterly maintenance plan after their initial visit.  With this, they can rest easy knowing their home is covered continuously throughout the year from the most common household pests (such as cockroaches, ants, and spiders)—and at a discounted rate.

At Bricker Pest Control, we are ready to tackle any problem you may have in your home—we specialize in whatever bugs you!


Bricker Pest Control is no stranger to Commercial Settings, Businesses, or the Oil & Gas Industry.  When business owners call us, they trust our professionalism and are confident knowing we will meet their insurance and worker’s compensation standards, as well as all safety requirements.

Some of the Commercial/Industrial settings we currently work in:

  • Apartments Complexes
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Oil & Gas Processing Plants
  • Office Buildings

We know that walking into many commercial settings, or Oil & Gas field operations, safety is priority number one.  Personal Protective Equipment is always used, as well as recognizing situations where fall equipment is warranted.  Looking out for our customers is of utmost importance for us.
We consistently provide services to active working field sites and know the importance of promptness.  When there is an issue at hand, we are prepared to work all hours necessary to insure our work is completed as quickly as possible so that normal field operations can resume to 100%.
Sometimes occasional invaders need to be controlled in a one time service (ie., bees, crickets, fleas, etc.), but for controlling pests like spiders and ants, a monthly service is the best option.  Chemical pressure and having a pest control professional on site every month to handle any new insect situations that arise has proven most effective for controlling insects in industrial settings.

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